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Toms River Fire Company # 1 Halloween Parade

Posted: October 5, 2022
26 full days left until the Greatest Halloween Parade this side of the Atlantic Ocean!
Everyone…and we mean everyone is invited. The National Weather Service has a prediction of clear with temps at 63 degrees for the high and 53 for the low. Sounds like great weather for one of the best events that we have in the Toms River area.
Q: Where can I register for the parade?
A: You can register for the parade the day of (Oct 31st) at the Toms River Fire Co 1 firehouse located at 26 Robbins St.
Q: when can I register?
A: you can only register the day of the parade between the hours of 8-4 on Oct 31st at the firehouse at 26 Robbins St
Q: Is there a registration fee for the parade?
A: There are no registration fees at all. The Toms River Vol. Fire Co 1 has been proud to provide the Halloween parade for 82 years with no fees. The company incurs all of the costs with the help from our great sponsors. We also accept donations in any amount….but they are not a requirement.
Q: Can I register early or online?
A: No. you have to come down to the firehouse at 26 Robbins St the day of the parade between the hours of 8-4.
Q: Am I required to have a good time?
A: Yes…you’re not only are required to have a good time, but we ask that you make this a lasting tradition for you and your family for years to come.
Q: When will Trick or Treat take place in the area.
A: Toms River Treat or Treat will be on Sunday the 30th…or check with your local municipality if you live outside of the TR Township area.
All the members have spent the entire year preparing for the Halloween Parade. It’s takes an enormous amount of time and work to coordinate this even. We are looking forward to seeing you all there this year so we care share this time with you.