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   Event:  Matilda
Date:  8/23/2019 - 8pm,  8/24/2019 - 8pm,  8/25/2019 - 2pm,  (more)
Venue:  Surflight Theatre
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Description  Matilda is an extraordinary girl with a vivid imagination and a sharp mind whose talents are constantly belittled by her cruel parents and headmistress. Dreaming of a better life for herself, she dares to take a stand against these oppressive forces and takes her destiny into her own hands. Songs include: "Miracle", "This Little Girl", "When I Grow Up" and others that will delight you.
Cost  $39 adults & seniors; $29 for children 12 & under
Business  Surflight Theatre
Address  PO Box 1155
(contd)  201 Engleside Ave.
Town  Beach Haven Township
Contact  Mary Beth Smartt
Phone  609-492-9477

   Event:  Barrier Island Classic Junior Surf Competition
Date:  8/26/2019 - Call or check website
Venue:  Swimming Area 2 Island Beach State Park
   Event:  Free Movies at the Beach
Date:  8/23/2019 - Starts at Sunset,  8/30/2019 - Starts at Sunset,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Beach north of Pavilion
   Event:  Thursday Fireworks at Dark
Date:  8/29/2019 - At Dark (Weather Permitting),  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Boardwalk
   Event:  Hot Halloween
Date:  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Boardwalk
   Event:  Big Joe Talent Show
Date:  8/25/2019 - 7pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Boardwalk
   Event:  Wednesday Night Fireworks Spectacular
Date:  8/28/2019 - 9:30pm,  (more)
Venue:  Seaside Heights Boardwalk
   Event:  2019 Big Joe Henry Variety Show
Date:  8/28/2019 - 7pm
Venue:  Boardwalk at Grant Avenue
 Event:  Ain't Misbehavin'
Date:  8/27/2019 - 8pm,  8/28/2019 - ,  8/29/2019 - 2pm, 8pm,  (more)
Venue:  Surflight Theatre
 Event:  Children's Theatre
Date:  8/23/2019 - 6pm,  8/24/2019 - 6pm,  8/25/2019 - 6pm,  (more)
Venue:  Surflight Theatre
 Event:  Carousel of Music, Concerts on the Bay
Date:  8/29/2019 - 7pm,  (more)
Venue:  Waterfront Park
 Event:  Oh Solo Wainwright: An Evening with Rufus
Date:  8/23/2019 - 8pm
Venue:  The Jay and Linda Grunin Center for the Arts
 Event:  Doggie Day in Ortley Beach
Date:  8/24/2019 - 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Venue:  3rd Avenue Boardwalk, Ortley Beach, NJ
 Event:  Music Under the Stars with The Kootz
Date:  8/25/2019 - 5-7 pm
Venue:  John F. Peto Studio Museum
 Event:  JDRF FARE Crab Race at Breakwater Beach
Date:  8/24/2019 - 5pm
Venue:  Breakwater Beach Waterpark
 Event:  Mr. & Mrs. Parr at Casino Pier
Date:  8/26/2019 - 2pm - 4pm
Venue:  Casino Pier
 Event:  National Waffle Day at Casino Pier
Date:  8/24/2019 - 11am - 4pm
Venue:  Casino Pier
 Event:  Thursdays in the Park - Health and Wellness Expo
Date:  8/22/2019 - 9am - 2pm
Venue:  Swimming Area 1 Island Beach State Park
 Event:  Kiddie Beach Shows
Date:  8/26/2019 - 7pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's South Stage
 Event:  Music Festival
Date:  8/28/2019 - 7pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenks Inlet
 Event:  Beach Treasure Hunt
Date:  8/26/2019 - 6pm,  (more)
Venue:  President Avenue Beach
 Event:  Kites and Castles
Date:  8/29/2019 - 7pm,  (more)
Venue:  Philadelphia Ave Beach
 Event:  Drive In Movie – Back To the Future
Date:  8/23/2019 - 8:30pm - 11pm
Venue:  Sumner Avenue Parking Lot
 Event:  Movies on the Beach – Incredibles 2
Date:  8/25/2019 - 8:30pm - 11pm
Venue:  Carteret Avenue Beach
 Event:  Monday Concert Series – Blu Lilly
Date:  8/26/2019 - 7pm - 9pm
Venue:  Franklin Avenue Stage
 Event:  Tim Jenkins in Concert
Date:  8/25/2019 - 7pm
Venue:  Carteret Avenue Stage
 Event:  Barnegat Farmers Market
Date:  8/29/2019 - 10am - 3pm,  9/5/2019 - 10am - 3pm,  9/12/2019 - 10am - 3pm,  (more)
Venue:  Fred Watts Gazebo Park
 Event:  Scales and Tales
Date:  8/24/2019 - 11am,  8/25/2019 - 11am,  8/31/2019 - 11am,  (more)
Venue:  Cattus Island County Park
 Event:  Barnegat Dock Concerts
Date:  8/24/2019 - 7pm,  8/31/2019 - 7pm,  (more)
Venue:  Barnegat Public Dock
 Event:  Brick Farmers Market
Date:  8/24/2019 - 9am - 2pm,  8/31/2019 - 9am - 2pm,  9/7/2019 - 9am - 2pm,  (more)
Venue:  Windward Beach Park
 Event:  Turtle, Tortoise or Terrapin
Date:  8/24/2019 - 1:30pm,  8/25/2019 - 1:30pm,  8/31/2019 - 1:30pm,  (more)
Venue:  Cattus Island County Park
 Event:  Cattus Islands Nature Walks
Date:  8/24/2019 - 2pm,  8/25/2019 - 2pm,  8/31/2019 - 2pm,  (more)
Venue:  Cattus Island County Park
 Event:  Downtown Toms River Farmers Market
Date:  8/28/2019 - 11am - 5pm,  9/4/2019 - 11am - 5pm,  9/11/2019 - 11am - 5pm,  (more)
Venue:  Ocean County Parking Garage Lawn
 Event:  Mermaid Days at Breakwater Beach
Date:  8/27/2019 - 11am - Noon, 1pm - 2pm,  (more)
Venue:  Breakwater Beach Waterpark
 Event:  Half Priced Ride Credits at Casino Pier
Date:  8/26/2019 - Noon - 6pm,  (more)
Venue:  Casino Pier
 Event:  Eat, Putt & Play at Casino Pier
Date:  8/27/2019 - 6pm - 11pm,  (more)
Venue:  Casino Pier
 Event:  Wristband Day at Casino Pier
Date:  8/28/2019 - Noon - 7pm,  (more)
Venue:  Casino Pier
 Event:  Midnight Madness at Casino Pier
Date:  8/29/2019 - 8pm - Midnight,  (more)
Venue:  Casino Pier
 Event:  Special 2-Hour Wristband Fridays
Date:  8/23/2019 - Noon - 7pm,  8/30/2019 - Noon - 7pm,  (more)
Venue:  Casino Pier
 Event:  Special Adult Day Saturdays
Date:  8/24/2019 - Noon - 3pm,  8/31/2019 - Noon - 3pm,  (more)
Venue:  Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach
 Event:  Grandparents Wednesdays
Date:  8/28/2019 - 12pm-6pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Boardwalk
 Event:  Aquarium's Beach Blanket Bingo
Date:  8/28/2019 - 6pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Beach
 Event:  Princess Bingo
Date:  8/27/2019 - 7pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Pavilion Beach Stage
 Event:  Jenkinson's Aquarium's More to the Shore
Date:  8/29/2019 - 5:30pm - 6:30pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Aquarium
 Event:  Night Owl Special
Date:  8/23/2019 - 8:30pm-10pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Aquarium
 Event:  Jenks Country Nights
Date:  8/28/2019 - 7pm,  9/4/2019 - 7pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenks Club
 Event:  Canines and Cocktails
Date:  8/26/2019 - 5pm- 9pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenks Inlet Bar
 Event:  Eat and Play
Date:  8/26/2019 - 4pm - 9pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Boardwalk
 Event:  Aquarium Beachcombing
Date:  8/26/2019 - 6pm - 6:45pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Beach
 Event:  Grill and Flight Nights every Wednesday through August at Laurita Winery
Date:  8/28/2019 - 6pm,  (more)
Venue:  Laurita Winery
 Event:  Cars From Each Decade
Date:  8/23/2019 - Noon - 4pm,  8/24/2019 - 10am - 4pm,  8/25/2019 - Noon - 4pm,  (more)
Venue:  Vintage Automobile Museum of NJ
 Event:  4th Annual VFW Post 10118 Classic Car Show
Date:  8/24/2019 - 8am - 2pm
Venue:  VFW Post 10118
 Event:  Photography Basics Class
Date:  8/29/2019 - TBA,  (more)
Venue:  Pines Shores Art Association
 Event:  Realistic Water and Sky Class in Gouache
Date:  8/23/2019 - 9:30 am - 12:30 pm,  (more)
Venue:  Pines Shores Art Association
 Event:  Landscape oil and acrylic painting class
Date:  8/26/2019 - 9:30 am - 3:30 pm,  8/27/2019 - 9:30 am - 3:30 pm,  (more)
Venue:  Pines Shores Art Association
 Event:  St. Mary's Art Show
Date:  8/24/2019 - 10 am - 4 pm
Venue:  St. Mary's Parish Center
 Event:  Landscapes of New Jersey: Past, Present, and Future, Showcasing George Stave
Date:  8/24/2019 - 1pm-4pm,  8/25/2019 - 1pm-4pm,  8/31/2019 - 1pm-4pm,  (more)
Venue:  John F. Peto Studio Museum
 Event:  Flying Mueller Brothers and B Street Band
Date:  8/25/2019 - 2pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Pavilion
 Event:  Dining with Perky
Date:  8/23/2019 - 5pm-7pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Pavilion and Oceanside Dining
 Event:  When Radio Entertained People
Date:  8/28/2019 - 7pm
Venue:  Ocean County Library

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