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   Event:  27th Annual Baymen’s Seafood & Music Festival
Date:  6/22/2019 - 11am - 5pm,  6/23/2019 - 11am - 5pm,  (more)
Venue:  Tuckerton Seaport
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Description  On June 22nd & 23rd from 11am to 5pm, the Tuckerton Seaport will host its 27th Annual Baymen’s Seafood & Music Festival. Enjoy delicious Jersey fresh clams, crabs, scallops and shrimp from the finest local seafood purveyors. Drink from the brew court featuring local crafted beers. Event admission includes access to the Seaport’s 40 acres of family fun, featuring maritime activities, historic and recreated buildings, live animals, boardwalk, miniature golf course and exhibits.
Cost  $10 adults, $5 kids, Seaport Members Free
Business  The Tuckerton Seaport
Address  120 W. Main St.
Town  Tuckerton Borough
Contact  Katie Sain
Phone  609-296-8868

   Event:  Off Shore Boat Race
Date:  (more)
Venue:  Ocean Avenue Point Pleasant Beach
   Event:  Free Movies at the Beach
Date:  6/21/2019 - Starts at Sunset,  6/28/2019 - Starts at Sunset,  7/5/2019 - Starts at Sunset,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Beach north of Pavilion
   Event:  Thursday Fireworks at Dark
Date:  6/20/2019 - At Dark (Weather Permitting),  6/27/2019 - At Dark (Weather Permitting),  7/4/2019 - At Dark (Weather Permitting),  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Boardwalk
   Event:  Big Joe Talent Show
Date:  6/23/2019 - 7pm,  6/30/2019 - 7pm,  7/7/2019 - 7pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Boardwalk
   Event:  Lavallette Business Association Presents: Kickoff to Summer Food Truck Festival
Date:  6/22/2019 - 3pm - 9pm
Venue:  Lavallette Bayfront and Philadelphia Ave
 Event:  Father's Day at Casino Pier
Date:  6/16/2019 - All day
Venue:  Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach
 Event:  World's Largest Swimming Lesson
Date:  6/20/2019 - 11am
Venue:  Breakwater Beach Waterpark
 Event:  Downtown Toms River Farmers Market
Date:  6/19/2019 - 11am - 5pm,  6/26/2019 - 11am - 5pm,  7/3/2019 - 11am - 5pm,  (more)
Venue:  Ocean County Parking Garage Lawn
 Event:  Father's Day
Date:  6/16/2019 - All Day
Venue:  Jenkinson's Boardwalk
 Event:  Graduation Night at New Egypt Speedway
Date:  6/22/2019 - 7pm
Venue:  New Egypt Speedway
 Event:  Spill the Tea Pride Event
Date:  6/22/2019 - Noon - 4pm
Venue:  600 Main, a Bed & Breakfast and Victorian Tearoom
 Event:  Barnegat Crab and Fishing Contest
Date:  6/21/2019 - 5:30pm
Venue:  Barnegat Public Dock
 Event:  Brick Farmers Market
Date:  6/22/2019 - 9am - 2pm,  6/29/2019 - 9am - 2pm,  7/6/2019 - 9am - 2pm,  (more)
Venue:  Windward Beach Park
 Event:  June Report Card Promotion at Breakwater Beach
Date:  6/17/2019 - Call or check website,  6/18/2019 - Call or check website,  6/19/2019 - Call or check website,  (more)
Venue:  Breakwater Beach Waterpark
 Event:  Half Priced Ride Credits at Casino Pier
Date:  6/17/2019 - Noon- 6pm,  6/24/2019 - Noon- 6pm,  7/1/2019 - Noon- 6pm,  (more)
Venue:  Casino Pier
 Event:  Eat, Putt & Play at Casino Pier
Date:  6/18/2019 - 5pm - 10pm,  6/25/2019 - 6pm - 11pm,  7/2/2019 - 6pm - 11pm,  (more)
Venue:  Casino Pier
 Event:  BOGO Wristband Day at Casino Pier
Date:  6/19/2019 - Noon - 7pm
Venue:  Casino Pier
 Event:  2-Hour Wristband Special at Casino Pier
Date:  6/20/2019 - 5pm- 10pm,  6/27/2019 - 5pm- 10pm,  (more)
Venue:  Casino Pier
 Event:  Special 2-Hour Wristband Fridays
Date:  6/21/2019 - Noon - 7pm,  6/28/2019 - Noon - 7pm,  7/5/2019 - Noon - 7pm,  (more)
Venue:  Casino Pier
 Event:  Special Adult Day Saturdays
Date:  6/22/2019 - Noon - 3pm,  6/29/2019 - Noon - 3pm,  7/6/2019 - Noon - 3pm,  (more)
Venue:  Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach
 Event:  Grandparents Wednesdays
Date:  6/19/2019 - 12pm-6pm,  6/26/2019 - 12pm-6pm,  7/3/2019 - 12pm-6pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Boardwalk
 Event:  Jenkinson's Aquarium's More to the Shore
Date:  6/20/2019 - 5:30pm - 6:30pm,  6/27/2019 - 5:30pm - 6:30pm,  7/4/2019 - 5:30pm - 6:30pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Aquarium
 Event:  Night Owl Special
Date:  6/21/2019 - 8:30pm-10pm,  6/24/2019 - 8:30pm-10pm,  6/25/2019 - 8:30pm-10pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Aquarium
 Event:  Marvel Character Appearance
Date:  6/20/2019 - 4pm-9pm
Venue:  Jenkinson's Boardwalk
 Event:  Canines and Cocktails
Date:  6/17/2019 - 5pm- 9pm,  6/24/2019 - 5pm- 9pm,  7/1/2019 - 5pm- 9pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenks Inlet Bar
 Event:  Country Wine Dancing
Date:  6/21/2019 - 7pm
Venue:  Laurita Winery
 Event:  My Other Car
Date:  6/19/2019 - Noon to 4 pm,  6/20/2019 - Noon to 4 pm,  6/21/2019 - Noon to 4 pm,  (more)
Venue:  Vintage Automobile Museum of NJ
 Event:  Central Jersey Motorcycle Swap Meet
Date:  6/16/2019 - 8am
Venue:  New Egypt Speedway
 Event:  Dining with Perky
Date:  6/21/2019 - 5pm-7pm,  6/28/2019 - 5pm-7pm,  7/5/2019 - 5pm-7pm,  (more)
Venue:  Jenkinson's Pavilion and Oceanside Dining

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